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Optical Illusions

Discover some incredible optical illusions and amazing pictures

You'll learn how to make your own optical illusions, or if you'd rather just watch and enjoy others' works of art, then just glance around and see what you like. These next four are a great start.

flipping stairs

Upside Down Stairs - This is a nice one. Stare for awhile and it'll switch perspective. We made this ourselves and am quite proud of it. It's a very satisfying moment when you're staring at it and it finally adjusts perspective for you.

Take a peek inside our blog for some of the coolest optical illusions ever created. Or explore below...

instructions to make your own impossible triangle

check out the Obama Illusion

moving backgrounds

floating wooden blocks optical illusion video

Make your own impossible penrose triangle

See a scary illusion image of our president, Barack Obama.

One of my favorites. Zoom in on the image or download, and it looks even better!

Floating Wooden Blocks Optical Illusion Video

This cube video is pretty amazing. It's unique to this site, so be sure to check it first, then you can look at some of our other original optical illusions.

Floating Cube Video

After you've seen the floating cube video, be sure to check out these great surprises:

moving red spiral 8/18/2011 - Moving spots illusion
This is another one I think is just awesome. No thinking. Just stare at the spots. No thinking? Hah!

You can't help but to think why in the world the spots keep appearing to move even though you know they certainly aren't. It just might make you smile as your eyes twitch with excitement!

never ending staircase08/14/2011 - We just built a never ending staircase! This is fun in more ways than one. First of all, the steps seem to continue to go down (or up) forever. Second, the placement of the flagpoles are appear to intersect the illusion in an impossible way. Third, we like it because it's just pretty!

Also, as compared to many of the other never ending staircase illusions, this one is huge! You could set it as your background if you like, or if you want to print it or use it in a presentation at your school, it'll print great. It's another original, so at least for now, you'll only find it here!

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  2. Love Test - Don't you just love optical illusions.
  3. Blue Spiral Wallpaper - Love it!
  4. Moving Spiral
  5. Scary Illusion

As you look around the page, you might see this moving optical illusion. See it really move when there are several on a page. It works better when it's bigger... zoom in and see more...

Added a few hilarious funny pictures to the collection.

Another Optical Illusion Video

New eye tricks in the "More Eye Tricks" section that you should certainly check out. Also a new desktop background was added to the Optical Illusions Desktop Wallpaper section.

Can you explore the whole site? And find all the great pix? There's funny pics of funny cats to cool tattoos. We give you free moving wallpaper for your computer and you'll even see a picture of a carved watermelon that hilarious and you'll be sure is someone's real head! Thank you so much for visiting!

We like optical illusions, and we like you! Thanks for visiting! Let me say that again... thank you for coming! Because of you, we've become one of the largest free optical illusions web sites online. It's rumored that even the comic Borat has come here from some link from YouTube! Be amazed by our huge collection of optical tricks! Look around, you may agree that we're the best... We find a lot of people come here before picking out the right tattoo, especially some of the ambigrams. Stick around long enough, and your eyes might just pop out of your head!

Other Tricky Links:
Very SCARY Illusions- HOT!

Awarded Cool Site of the Day: And we're getting cooler every day with more interesting images, op art, trompe l'oeil, and scary desktop wallpaper all the time!

Scary Optical Illusions:

Inside you'll find OVER 50,000... no wait, we mean 160 of the greatest optical illusions, mind-bending puzzles and awesome eye tricks! We added more spooky tricks for Halloween. Plus you'll want to see the jesus illusion, spiral optical illusions, and original cool desktop wallpaper. All will be amazing, some will be funny and scary. Some of the desktop backgrounds are printable, so you can show your friends or use them for a science project in your school science fair! The Jesus optical illusion is fantastic! Lots of these illusions will just make you laugh out loud in amazement, so be prepared to at least chuckle!

optical illusions desktop background moving spiralOptical Illusion: Magic Moving Spiral Illusion (an original visual illusion)

Incredible! Stare at the center of this spiral and move your head in and out. You'll see that it rotates! Click the image for options on downloading a larger version of this optical illusion image for your desktop background. Perfect to post to facebook or your blog!

Did you know that this picture was one of the very first on our website, and we've continued to feature it here because people like it so much?

In Gallery 3, you'll find 13 more eye tricks to exercise your mind. You can now see Optical Illusion Pictures #3, our latest Gallery of optic trick pictures. There's even a Optic Color Blindness Test... but before you visit the optics doctor for some laser magic to those eyes, don't miss the painting of the Freaky Staring Woman! She's about as scary as they get!

More famous and spooky optical illusions and puzzles — plus more explanations of how optical illusions work each week.

Now go learn about optical illusions!