3D Impossible Box

3d impossible box optical illusion

Another great example of  3D optical illusion art can be seen in this drawing of an impossible box. Because of the edges, you’ll see that this example is even a little more tricky to comprehend than some of the other cool optical illusions found throughout this website. It would be quite a magic trick if you could actually build a box like this! Believe it or not, contrary to what you might find on other optical illusions websites, boxes like this CAN be built in 3D. To build an optical illusion image like this in 3D, you must be a talented sculpture artist or woodworker who can fake perspective. Edges that appear to be straight like a 2 by 4 have to be tapered at the ends so that when viewed from a certain angle, they look the same size. This box is a little more complicated than what you would want to get started with, and there aren’t really any plans available to build them. Plus, why would you choose those weird looking pastel colors in the background, straight from 1984? I have no idea! Someone get the optical illusion fashion police in here right now to slap this artist!