5 plus 4 is 9. Right, Kids?

different lengths eye trick

I always hated measuring things in elementary school. They’d always count me off a point if I was just one millimeter off. At least I understood the concept and wasn’t as far off as the guys next to me missing by inches. Sheesh. One millimeter….

ANYWAY: Here’s the answer to this optical illusion trick. At first glance, it looks like 1-5 is 5, plus 5-9 is 4 more, so what’s the deal right? ACTUALLY, both distances are identical if you look again. We actually start the measuring at 1, so 5 – 1 is 4, and 9-5 is 4. So of course, they’re both equal distance.

If you’ve already seen this optical illusion, I hope you agree that this is one of the better versions of it floating around.