Anomalous Motion Illusion-Spinning Flowers

This is really cool! This is a variation of an anomalous motion illusion – which means as you look around the image it will appear to move. The flowers appear to spin, even though the image isn’t moving at all. Here are some links to larger versions of this image, which you could set as your background on your computer, or if you want to really see the effect a little better.

These motion illusions all work differently for different people, and it often works best if the image is larger, and if you just let your eye jump from one flower to the next. These aren’t exactly the type of flowers you’d plant in your garden, but it’s still pretty fun to look at!

Lots of people have emailed me saying that they use this as the background on their computer, so that’s why I’ve added several different sizes:

Flowers 1024 x 768 | Flowers 1280 X 1024 | Flowers 800 X 640

Even if you don’t intend on using this as a background, click one of the links above so that you can view the illusion even larger! The flowers should rotate in a circular motion, and because they are on the black and white disc, they may appear to move slightly horizontally, which is also by design. Just remember to let your eyes wander the page for a few moments as they start to spin. Sometimes you even have to move your eyes off to the side of the screen and back for it to work properly.

gray luminescence eye trick