Baby Takes a Bite Out of the Tail of This Cat

Baby, you have no idea where that tail has been! In the litter box, for one, maybe that’s where it gets its flavorful taste?

funny baby tries to eat a black cat!

This is a hilarious picture. Here, the baby is trying to eat the cats tail. I guess the baby was watching the dog run in circles to try to catch its on tail, and decided that the cat would be a little easier. Boy, look at the look in the cats eyes. I wonder if the cat decided to fight back right after this funny picture was taken and take a nice bite out of the baby!?

Okay, I admit it, I Photoshopped in some beady red eyes for the cat to make it a little more dramatic. Don’t the evil cats in all movies have red eyes for more drama? Well that’s exactly what I did here.