Barack Obama Optical Illusion

Announcing the new Barack Obama Optical Illusion!
Just like with the Jesus Illusion, you’ll stare at this picture for 30 seconds and then stare at a blank wall. The wall doesn’t have to be white, but we’ve found it works better with lighter colors. You can also stare at the white space next to the illusion on your computer monitor, or at a blank piece of paper on your desk.

For you to experience the strongest illusion, you’ll want to stare at the center of the red plus sign. Don’t move your head, and really try not to move your eyes at all. We’ve found that a plus sign allows your eyes to move ever so slightly, but you should be able to keep them centered.

barack obama illusion animated

The next picture has no animation, if that’s what you prefer, or if you’d like to print the Obama Illusion…

printalbe obama optical illusion

We’ve created an instant classic with the Obama Illusion, and we know you’ll want to share this image with your friends. You MUST give a link back to us if you use this picture. If you enjoyed it, all we ask for is a simple link back to this page and/or the front of the site. Please include the text “Obama Illusion” in the link. Sure, adding this isn’t going to solve the debt ceiling deal, but it’s a lot more fun that reading a cheat sheet in the debt debate! There are just two weeks left to solve the debt ceiling issue! Stare at this image and do your part! Perhaps the answer will come to you while you see Obama’s face!

Republicans – I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this image, as many of you joke about Obama as the messiah… or the “chosen one”. That’s why we modeled this after the Jesus illusion. His ominous face will guide you.

Democrats – We know you’ll enjoy this image because Barack Rocks!

Independents – Just enjoy the illusion, okay?!

People outside of the US – Hey we get a lot of international visitors also! Welcome to the site! No need to pledge allegiance to America to enjoy and have fun!