Cafe Wall Illusion-a Photo

cafe wall optical illusion

Look at the optical illusion that is presented on the wall of this cafe. You’ll find a similar optical illusion in our optical illusion desktop wallpaper section. It’s only a matter of time before Trading Spaces uses this idea to create a room full of optical illusions.

2009 Update: When we originally posted this picture, we were quite impressed. Now there are also actual buildings that have used this pattern on the sides of them. We’ve also noticed a subtle thing about this so called “Cafe Wall Illusion”. Is this actually a picture of the Cafe Wall, or is it just the picture of a window, that points to the Cafe down the street? Perhaps the Cafe is an outdoor cafe in the middle of the park, and this is just the wall that points to the cafe. If that’s the case, it shows how perception can be altered just by looking at things from a different outlook or perspective. Perhaps this is just a wall to a bus stop!