Can You Find the Hidden Sleeping Baby?

Think this couple is expecting a baby?

hidden sleeping baby

This is a truly beautiful optical illusion. A couple just relaxing on the shore, looking for what’s to come next in their life. Perhaps they are thinking of having a child. Now if only they would look up, they might see exactly what they are looking for.

I think the only problem with this illusion – I assume you’ve found the baby by now – is that it looks like it is an alien baby, with a sharp horn coming straight out of the back of its head! Okay, I guess it couldn’t be perfect, or else we would see the baby right away and it would spoil the surprise.

If you still can’t find the baby, you may want to squint your eyes. The outline of the the tree branches are what define the baby – it isn’t life-size in relation to the young couple on the shore.