Cartoon Tunnel Illusion

hard optical illusion tunnel

Is this an optical illusion or not? It’s hard to tell. Could this in fact be that an artist painted the road off to the side of a highway, hoping that people will in fact smack right into the wall? Or maybe it behaves just like out of a cartoon. The cartoon character quickly paints a beautiful picture of a long tunnel with a train at the end of the tunnel, and as their nemesis is standing outside, pondering why they bonked their head on the hard wall, a train comes out of the picture!

Now if you are really looking for a hard optical illusion, you might try to draw the never-ending staircase (it’s more difficult than it appears!)

Judging by the lettering on the road sign, at least those of us that are in America know that we are safe as long as we don’t enter tunnels with foreign street signs!

The other reason we feel that this is a hard optical illusion is because we can’t quite tell if this was just a Photoshopped or edited image. Did an artist actually paint this on the side of an old road? Or was it just someone Photoshopping a tunnel. If this was on an actual road somewhere, there may be a gate or guard rail that prevents people from getting much closer.