Circle or Spiral Optical Illusion

optical illusion spiral

This is another great example of concentric circles that look like a spiral. Just like the previous image, you’ll see that the coloring of the circles really leads your eye right to the center of this optical illusion. You can use your finger to trace the lines of each circle, just don’t get your fingerprints all over your computer monitor! The red and black diamonds further add to the illusion, and even give the illusion some depth, because they are drawn in perspective, with the center as the vanishing point. This type of perspective is called one-point perspective and involves two sides of each object pointing to the same spot on the page. This is one of my favorite optical illusions!

You pretty much have to touch the screen and start following one of the circles around because it is such a strong illusion.

Here’s a slight variation that also is pretty fun.

At first glance, this looks like a spiral. But use your finger and trace the line, starting in the middle or outside. You’ll never get to the middle because they are actually concentric circles!

How does this work? First, the background draws your eyes to the center. But mainly it works because of how the circles are created. Instead of being a solid line, you’ll see that each circle actually looks like a two shades of something twisted together, and that further leads your eyes into the center.