Club Med Scuba Divers Faces Illusion

club med divers illusion photo

If you don’t see it already, take a closer look at the arrangement of all the fish in relation to the divers. Take a look for some hidden faces. There are two faces, one is a man, and one is a woman. Since, as humans, we recognize faces quicker than just about any other object, it’s perfect to use faces in this optical illusion, because you only have a few seconds to grab the consumer’s eye. If they had formed a picture of one of their club med hotels, or a picture of the beach, readers wouldn’t have recognized it so quickly and it might not be as successful of an ad.

This would be quite the complicated photo shoot, wouldn’t it? You’d have to first draw the picture, then actually go out and pose divers in the exact positions that you needed them, with all the scuba equipment in tact. Then you’d have to enlarge and shrink all the pictures to be just right, and then blue and edit the edges so that it would form into a little more of a human face. And then, just a subtle tag line: It’s not where you go. It’s who you meet. Perfect example of an optical illusion. More please, Club Med!