Color Blindness Test

Look here to test if you are color blind:
colorblind testblack and white version of color blindeness test

1 in 10 men has some degree of color blindness. It is much less prevalent in women. But it’s fun to take the tests anyway! You should pretty easily be able to see the number 10 in the image above, and for the image below, you’ll see a different number. Of course, this could also mean that your monitor just stinks, but if you can’t read the number, you may want to either adjust your monitor or go see an eye doctor!

Color blindness is also referred to as “vision deficiency”. Most of the time, it is genetic, but some people can become colorblind with trauma to the brain or through other ways.

colorblind - the number 8here it is in black and white

Want to learn a little more about what causes color blindness? (or just scroll down for more examples) You have to examine the eye in order to learn more. As you may know, the eye has both rods and cones that are sensitive to light. For the cones, which is what you use when it is normal lighting conditions (daylight) there are three types, each of which has a different color hue that it responds to. It does this because it is sensitive to different wavelengths of the light. It’s not RGB (red green blue) but it’s more blue, yellow/green and yellow. Each of these colors corresponds with the different wavelengths.

Still with me? Okay, so basically when someone is partially colorblind, it could be because only one of the three types of cells is not as sensitive as it should be in that area.

Great, time for more fun. Here are a couple more. NOTE: If your monitor colors aren’t perfect, or if you have a LCD Monitor that is set to more contrast, these won’t show up perfectly. Also, it goes without saying that these color blindness tests are no substitute for a visit to your eye doctor.

colorblind 37

Wow, when we turn it to just black and white, it just goes away!

black and white version

Although in the black and white version, you might be able to slightly see an outline of the numbers, so perhaps we could adjust this one a little bit for the future.

colorblindness test #56visual deficiency bw

Also, keep in mind that most people who are colorblind do not see in Black and White! They still see in colors. If you know someone who is colorblind, talk to them about their day to day difficulties. For instance, if a webpage doesn’t have underlined links, but they are a different color, it makes it harder. Or if they are looking at stoplights in the distance, it’s hard to tell red from green. Think of how much more alert they would have to be as a driver. Thanks for listening to my discussion on color blindness. Class dismissed!