Ethereal Pool of Water- Optical Illusion Chalk Drawing

Photographing the sidewalk chalk art is a tricky business. These 3D sidewalk art pictures are amazing. You have to position the camera to be from the exact position for it to look good like this does. Similar to the other sidewalk chalk drawings, you must understand that for the perspective illusion to work, the drawing in real life is much more stretched out that you would think it is. In this example, it looks like the woman in the center with the stroller should technically only be a few feet farther back from the the edge of the basin wall than say, the police officer. But due to using a wide-angle or fish-eye lens, the perspective on the people is also slightly distorted to enhance the effect.

This is one of those pictures that you can stare at for quite awhile, and it sure seems like many of those people could just take a step forward and dip their feet into the water. Quite an impressive chalk display! (Scroll down the page for a second sidewalk chalk picture.)

amazing fountain sidewalk chalk artist

Next, here is a different fountain sidewalk chalk. Not quite as impressive as the one above, but still pretty incredible nonetheless! Is that a minotaur in that picture? Check out the hooves on him! Oh well, I guess it just goes to show that just about every living creature – no matter how horrible – can be calmed and satisfied by a nice thirst-quenching cup of water.

sidewalk chalk realistic fountain

These chalk drawings really are proving to be some of our visitors’ favorites!