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Shark on the bus!

Holy Moly! Did this guy just get eaten by a shark?

shark bus eye trick

This bus was painted with an ad for the National Geographic Channel's "Built for the kill" television program. Here you can see that the artist used the doors to their advantage, so it looks like the shark opens it's mouth to gobble up the surfer dude.

Wouldn't it be fun to have one of these scary shark busses driving around your city! It would make a great party bus too, I assume!

We've seen more and more busses which are "wrapped" with the special material that lets light through, so that passengers can see out through the window areas that look painted. It also adds a bit of privacy to the bus ride for chartered busses. Also, by having the advertising on the side of the bus, it's a smart business move that helps keep bus fares down by supplementing the income of the bus companies, which are often funded by the city, so it keeps your taxes down! Bottom line - go get eaten up by a shark if you have the chance!

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