Funny Man Sitting on a Bench

Either we have X-ray vision or… ?

preparation h funny man on bench

Even though the ad on the back of the bench is a little torn up, this optical illusion is still pretty strong. Nice job by the ad agency that worked with Preparation H.

The illusion, of course, is that the man is sitting perfectly in the center of the bench. The picture on the back of the bench makes it appear as if we are looking at the back of a woman sitting on the bench. So either this man has a very girly figure, or he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I bet he had no idea he was photographed for this picture, or had any idea what was going on. Just trying to enjoy a relaxing day in the park.

If you look really close, and actually try to read the ad, you’ll notice that it is not in English, either!