Funny Optical Illusion- Gray Stripe

This is a funny optical illusion. It really is.
The gray stripe is the SAME shade throughout the entire bar.

funny optical illusion picture

This is a funny optical illusion. Are you not laughing yet? Well, first of all, let me tell you what this optical illusion is. That gray stripe is the exact same shade of gray the whole way across the image. But that’s not why it’s funny. It’s funny because of what happened to me while I was looking at it!

When I was first looking at this optical illusion, I had taken out my wallet and checkbook off of the desk, and was pressing them both to the screen, with the wallet above the stripe, and the checkbook below. (I had to make sure that the stripe really was the same shade, and it really doesn’t look like it, does it?) Of course, right then my wife and mother-in-law come into my office and just stared at me. My mother in law, when she was finished laughing, said “What are you trying to do, buy something off of the Internet by pushing your money to the screen?”

I explained what I was doing and pretty soon, and as they sat down at my computer, they of course did the exact same thing, picking up my wallet and checkbook, to block out the background of the image.

So, pick up a few silly things off your desk and cover up the background of the gray image above. Just be sure to look around so that no one sees what you’re doing!

(Like me, you just might slap yourself on the head because this is such a funny one…)