Funny Pictures- Cat, Sign, Jet

funny optical illusion picture

Finally! A few more funny pictures! You’ll be laughing at our hilarious pictures for years to come… if only we’d get our act together and publish a few more!
caution: this sign has sharp edges - funny picture!

Here’s the crazy sign with the sharp edges!

And below is another funny picture – it’s one of the new super invisible planes. I gotta get me one of these! It’s actually Wonder-Woman’s jet, seen for the first time:funny invisible plane

And we just might add some funny jokes too. Here’s one to get you started:

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Answer: Fssssssshhhhh

Get it, no eyes (iiiis).

Plenty of other funny pictures on our site. They’re sure to be funnier that the fish joke you silly person! Fssssssshhhhhhh, that’s funny stuff!

And we have many more…. here are some of our visitor’s favorites: What?! Cat fixes the car | Stolen Cat Food – Who did it? | Kid Yells at Horse – Who wins this fight? | Guy Holding Helmet- Wish I could do this on Call of Duty.

Or, if we can talk you into looking at some of our cool optical illusions, stick around and take a look below. As a more sophisticated option, and if I may interest you in something a bit different is the Funny Ambigram. It’s the word “Funny” that looks the same upside down with a big smiley face in the center. I made it, so it must be awesome right?