Green Shades- An Optical Illusion Puzzle

optical illusions and puzzles

Alright, by now, if you’ve been looking through the site, you should be able to figure out what the optical illusion is above without even reading the description. Yes, you’re right. The two shades of green are actually one shade of green, but because of the placement they appear to be two different colors. Did you solve this optical illusion puzzle?

There is also another, more intricate illusion happening here. You’ll see the the green that appears to be on the brown bars appears to be closer to you, with the “light green” that is not on the bars appearing to be farther away. What would be even more of a puzzle would be to actually print this out, cut it up into little pieces and put it back together. Because you wouldn’t be able to tell if the green areas should go in the front, or in the back just by looking. Because there are only 3 colors (not the apparent 4) in the puzzle.