Hose and Water- Optical Illusion Chalk Art

Wow. This is a pretty new optical illusion, so you most likely haven’t seen it before. As you first look at this carefully crafted piece of art, it will just appear that the artist is spraying his hose and the water is splashing on the sidewalk, and going down a drain.

Then you’ll look closer and see some more! (see below image for the rest of the explanation).

julian beever chalk paintings

That’s right, that drain right there, isn’t real. Don’t worry, if you drop your keys down that grate you aren’t going to lose them. The hose, the water, EVERYTHING is fake (except for the artist). If you’re familiar with this artist, his name is Julian Beever and he is one of the most prominent sidewalk chalk artists there is. I just LOVE this one, don’t you?

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