Illuminati Ambigram

illuminati ambigram picture

Well, you said you were looking for a picture of the Illuminati Ambigram, right? Well, if Dan Brown had used this in his book, do you think it would have been nearly as mysterious? Perhaps if the book, Angels and Demons and the Davinci Code were not about the secret society of the Illuminati, but about cave man drawings, perhaps this would have worked! Although the movie discussed the Priory of Sion, there wasn’t much talk about the Illuminati.

Okay, if you give up, here a link to Dan Brown’s official site, where you see the actual illuminati ambigram used in his book – and now the movie with Tom Hanks! Dan Brown’s Illuminati Ambigram.

Remember, an ambigram looks the same whether it is right side up, or upside down. So as you look at these ambigrams, and can’t sense the symmetry, you might want to crank your head upside down!

Did you know that the real person that created the ambigrams in Dan Brown’s books is none other than real artist John Langdon? Yes, the same name as the title character in the movie that Tom Hanks plays! What an honor!

Oh well, enough of this serious stuff, have you seen the now nearly famous funny ambigram that I created?