Impossible Optical Illusion Art Box

optical illusion art

Here is an interesting piece of optical illusion art – check out this box. At first, it looks just fine, but after you study it for a little while, you’ll see that it is in fact an impossible shape. The shading on the inside of the box helps add to the effect of depth, and the shading on the side of the box further leads to more and more confusion the more you look at it! Carefully,  follow each shaded side with your eye, when you get to the other side, you’ll quickly notice that something is wrong!

Are you an artist? If you were looking for a cool subject to paint or make a drawing of in your art class, wouldn’t this be a nice thing to show your classmates? Feel free to print this page, stick it in your back pocket and use it as a reference. This is another one of our favorite examples of impossible optical illusion art