Inverted American Flag

optical illusion for kids - American Flag

You have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen in this illusion, but it is pretty cool, regardless. Stare at the center of the flag for at least 20 seconds – even longer to enhance the effect – and then look at the white area of your computer screen, a light colored wall, or a white piece of paper.

Now try this – try it again, but this time don’t stare at the center. Move your eyes over to the right or left. Then, when you are looking at the after image of the flag, as your eyes try to focus on it, you’ll see that they can’t, and the flag will continue to slide around in your vision. As you may have guessed, this is because the image is burned into a certain place on your eye, and as you naturally will try to focus on the center and get it to stop moving, it will move around even more.

You’ve probably seen something similar when you look at a bright light or even the sun.

I realize that not everyone who visits this site is from America, so I do plan to add a few more countries’ flags in the future. Pretty cool American Flag optical illusion, isn’t it?

This is a perfect optical illusion for kids and adults!

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