Is This Just a Watermelon or a Real Face?

Strange to think someone would carve a face into a watermelon…or would they?

weird funny watermelon face picture

So you’re at your friends party, and they happen to have a table of assorted snacks. As you walk up to the table of treats, you jump back in surprise, someone is looking at you from within the watermelon!

This isn’t exactly a watermelon recipe, however if you’re having a party and serving it, why not have the artist in your group carve out your watermelon like this. Send us a pic and we’ll post it to the site.

While we’re on the subject… Are you curious if the watermelon is a fruit or a vegetable? Go ahead take your guess now before you read on because we are about to tell you! It is the fruit of a plant that was originally native to the southern part of Africa. However, the answer isn’t definitive, because the dictionary defines a vegetable as “anything made or obtained from plants”. But we’re going to go with FRUIT.

It’s amazing what people will do with food. One time my brother ate an entire watermelon in one sitting. It may have been a small one, but it still made him sick!