Optical Illusion Image Gallery #1 - Jesus

Jesus Optical Illusion Image
Jesus optical illusion image

What you should do for the black and white optical illusion image above:

Stare at the center of the image above for at least 30 seconds. Then look at a blank white wall, or a piece of paper. What do you see? On this page you'll see that the after image of the black and white image above is much stronger than the one in color below. Take your time, sometimes it takes an additional 20 seconds before your eyes can really focus on the after image. The image looks similar to the shroud of turin, which is another famous face of Jesus Christ.

How does the Jesus Illusion Afterimage work?

You have microscopic rods and cones in your eyes. The cones are used to looking around, and can become overworked when you force your eyes to stare at the same object. So when you look away from the image, these tired cone cells are a bit worn out so they don't tell your brain what the new color (like the white or tan on your wall) is, and your brain still intreprets the old information since it hasn't received a strong, fresh signal. Just give it a few moments and the effect will wear out. If you want to see it work again, just gaze at the exact same place in the image above and you can start the illusion a little bit quiker this time. Jesus is watching you!

New: See the same thing with an afterimage of Barrack Obama! Announcing the Obama Illusion!

santa optical illusion picture

Now, instead of black and white, lets try color! For the first optical illusion image above you are looking at a human face straight on. Even though it is much more fuzzy of a picture, your mind has an easier time filling in the blanks. Can you tell who this man with a beard is above? It isn't just any old man, it's Santa! You may need to stare at the Santa optical illusion longer than you stared at the Jesus optical illusion in order for the after image to be visible to your eye.


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