Keep That Toilet Seat Down

Here’s what you can only do in a women’s bathroom.

chained down toilet seat.

Wow. It looks like this would be a great idea to keep the seat down, but do you really need chains that are that big? You’d think they’d get in the way.

True story: It reminds me of a poem that I read when I was a kid, in a dirty bathroom in the Kmart by our house. Scratched into the wall of the crummy bathroom, was a poem that I memorized on the spot. You can too:

Be like dad,
not like sis,
lift the lid,
before you p!ss!

And, even as a kid, I thought it was only fair to honor the person who carved that out of the paint in that dirty stall, so I lifted the lid, to honor them. : ) Oh well. I do think this is about the funniest way to fix the age-old problem if keeping the lid down.