Money Ambigram

money ambigram

And what you’ve been looking for: the Illuminati Ambigram

In the ambigrams section, you’ll find – what else – lots of ambigrams. Ambigrams can be the same word that when turned upside down, it looks the same, or it can actually be two different words, or phrases, which could be different depending on which way you read it. Don’t miss our childish Illuminati Ambigram.

Here’s our SECOND ambigram. It’s the word “funny”.

First, you’ll want to look at the ambigrams on this page, but next, you’ll want to see the “Funny” ambigram. I think it turned out great – but of course I might be biased! Not exactly the thing the Illuminati are looking for! Oh well… have a look around and you might be able to create your own name ambigrams soon!

Above, you’ll see the word “MONEY” which will look identical to itself if you stand on your head. Below, you’ll find an ambigram alphabet I created with an online tool from where it will help you attempt to create ambigrams. Pretty cool site, but poorly designed! ambigram creator

If you like ambigrams, you may also want to check out this Ambigram Website . Especially if you want to see some nicely designed ambigrams for tatoos, logos, etc. You just might find one of my ambigrams in their guest gallery too!

anigram alphabet