Moving Spiral Desktop Wallpaper

Blue/Black/Yellow Spiral Wallpaper

Whether you use this for your wallpaper or not, here is another original illusion we have created. As you look at the spirals, they will appear to move. This is called "illusory movement" and the same technique has been explored by other optical illusion creators.

What's different about this illusion is that it is not quite a full spiral, and with the addition of other "moving gears" it makes it more interesting to use for your desktop wallpaper, or even if you want to just email your friends!

View the medium-sized version on this page, or choose one of these: 1152X768 | 800x600. You may want to right click and then "save target as" to first save the image to your computer.


moving spiral illusion

If you would like to set an image as your desktop background, right click on the image and click "Set as Background."

Wouldn't this be a perfect optical illusion to email to your friends? We have a handy-dandy email link located below.



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