Never Ending Staircase

Never Ending Stairs with Flags

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Impossible Never Ending Staircase

Never ending stairs

This beautiful never ending staircase illusion was inspired by all the never ending staircase illusions. Instead of looking like a building with a staircase, I went for a slightly different approach where the stairs look more like a flowing ribbon. Also I wanted to add some color to make it a bit more interesting than many of the pencil drawings or illustrations out there.

What to look for in the never-ending staircase optical illusion:

  • The never ending stairs
  • Do you think they go continuously down or continuously up?
  • The flags were made from the same ribbon pattern as the stairs
  • The flag poles were carefully placed, adding to the impossibility of this.

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Never Ending Staircase

Based on Escher’s optical illusions of never-ending staircases, this simple drawing illustrates the concept of always walking upstairs. Or is it downstairs? This eye trick is fun to just follow in circles and you feel like you are going down flight after flight of stairs.

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