Old and Young- Crazy Optical Illusion Painting

Old and Young Optical Illusion

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Solo para Siempre / Forever Always by Octavio Ocampo.

The real beauty in this crazy picture is the attention to detail that the artist, Octavio Ocampo took. Try this: squint your eyes a little and you’ll see that the man with the guitar fades away, ad the old man staring into the old woman’s eyes really starts to pop out at you.

Perhaps the scariest part of this illusion is that the younger woman (not the one in the window sill but the one on the left side of the painting) has some really mean sideburns! Look out!

Also, keep looking until you find:

  • the young girl
  • the glass tequila bottle
  • the giant vase!
  • the smaller vase
  • the curtains

Quite a crazy optical illusion painting! Explore this site for hundreds more! See the clown face or does this rich man just look like a donkey?