Optical Illusion Books

This illusion is just flat out astounding! What’s your favorite subject? Is it History, Illusion, Science, or Biology? Well if it’s Illusion, what how would you reach out and grab that book?

shark bus eye trick

This picture is another one we created specifically for the site, so it’s yet another illusion that you won’t find anywhere else. This uses a classic type of optical illusion, similar to the devil’s pitchfork, or the impossible columns. What appears to be a stack of four books, is actually not what it seems at all. It’s an impossible illusion, made from an impossible shape!

The Illusion book just blends into the background and sort of vanishes. In addition, if you look at the left side, it appears that there are really only two books Science and History. Yet if you read the spine of the books, you’ll see that Biology, Science, Illusion, and History all appear. All in all, its quite the oddity, but most important, it’s a fun eye trick! And just in case you’re wondering, our favorite subject is Illusion!