Optical Illusion Joke

optical illusion joke

The only reason that I’m calling this picture an optical illusion joke, is because that’s something that people sometimes search for in order to find this site! Clearly, there is nothing funny about this picture. Well, it is kinda funny that the red lines don’t look like they are straight when in fact they are… but that’s not funny ha ha, that’s funny strange. So is that what people are looking for when they search for funny optical illusions? None of the optical illusions in our collection are really that funny… are they?

Well actually we do have a funny pictures area that’s worth a look! I’m sorry, this could be the lowest rated optical illusion in our entire collection, and I’m sorry to waste your time with the hilarity! Please, please be patient with me and look around, I’m sure you’ll find some even better illusions that are either much funnier, or are much more impressive!

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