Cool Optical Illusions Pictures


Optical Illusion Pictures #3

Test Your Blind Spot
blind spot test

Alright, right now you can see both an x and circle. Close or cover up one your left eye. Now SLOWLY move your head closer to the screen and stay focused on only the X. As you get about six inches from the computer screen, you'll see that the circle has actually disappeared. You just found your blind spot!

You'll find that different people have their blind spots in different areas, so have your friends try this eye trick and see how far away from their screen they were when the circle disappeared.

Weird Impossible Shape Illusion
weird optical illusion

Here is yet another impossible shape. As always, you'll notice that the shading ads to the effect of this optical illusion. Here's a quick memory test: Take 30 seconds to look at this optical illusion, then look away from the screen and try to draw this optical illusion on paper. It's pretty tough unless you have a photographic memory!


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