Painted Beer Truck Illusion and Painted Pepsi Truck Illusion

Now this is my kind of truck! Kind of reminds you of the famous movie, Strange Brew, doesn’t it? This is one of the visitors’ favorites here at cool optical Perhaps it is because of the incredible distorted perspective that was used in creating this advertisement on wheels, or perhaps because the subject is beer. Kids, scroll down for an illusion for you.

beer truck illusion

Alright, next we see a painted truck that is also incredibly cool. No, the Pepsi is not so light it is actually floating, it’s because the truck was painted to look like this. Most of the painted truck illusions only look good from a limited angle, and as you can see in the picture, this is the best angle to take a picture of one of these trucks if you happen to see them on the road. However, some visitors have claimed that these have been Photoshopped up a bit. I’ll let you decide!

pepsi truck illusion

If only there were a soft drink that was so light, it would float! This kind of reminds me of the “Airborne Soda Can” magic trick that magicians perform. I wonder what’s actually inside this truck. I guess we may never know!

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