Perfect Vase Silhouettes

Take a close look at the silhouette – it matches the baby’s!

silhouette vase

wooden vase silhouette

Found these pics on Ebay awhile back. Apparently,  there is a company that will take your silhouette and make a vase/ wooden piece of art that matches your silhouette exactly! Not sure exactly what the process is for this, but it’s pretty amazing. Notice how the baby’s face is perfectly captured in the first image.

If you aren’t sure exactly what to look for, don’t look at the wooden vase. Look at the void that is created in the negative space, and it will look like there are two faces looking at each other. Might be kind of cool to get portraits done of the whole family, and put them on the mantel. Imagine placing two vases next to each other, and you would have a silhouette of a couple faces, pointing away from each other.

After looking for awhile I found the company that makes these. Only problem is they are a little more expensive than you might think! Plus I don’t think you can put anything in these solid wooded vases, can you? Oh well, here’s the website if you’d like the check them out