Phantom Dots from Squares

Phantom Dots Picture

Gray dots appear in the spaces
Phantom Appearing Dots

In the image above you should see little gray circles or dots appear in the corners between the spaces. It’s your brain trying to fill in the spots – they of course aren’t actually there. For the image below, it’s just all black squares – but in the image above, we also added a little smiley face and made it a little larger for you. It’s amazing how our brains can detect faces from even simple shapes – your brain will fill in the gaps. Just like where it says at the top of the image, you aren’t seeing all the letters, but your brain can still easily interpret what the message is.

phantom dots picture

Look at the black squares and you’ll see phantom black dots in the corners. Be sure to check out our Desktop wallpaper section and you may find a similar optical illusion that you can use for a background to your computer.