Pictures of Dimples or Bumps?

dimples or bumps optical illusion

Ha ha! The artist that created this optical illusion built in actually two optical illusions. First, the obvious optical illusion is that the circles will appear to either be dimples or bumps, depending on how you look at it the circles are either concave or convex. But the other optical illusion is subtle. As you first glance at the illusion, you see two rows of bumps, and two rows of dots. But wait… the third row of bumps, from the top,  actually has one that is shaded the opposite way. What this shows is that there are so many things going on as your eye sends images to your brain, your brain will quickly form stigmas from the patterns that it perceives. The pattern of 4 rows is a common one… just look around the room you are in, you’ll see books and boxes and drawers and papers. And most of their edges are exactly the same all along the length. This optical illusion is also an example of how by changing something in a pattern, you now make the picture much more interesting, because of the conflict. But enough! On to the next illusion!