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Free Optical Illusion 3D Desktop Wallpaper

Stare; look away.
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Inverted Flag Illusion

Pretty 3D Color Cubes Optical Illusion Wallpaper

This is another original 3D stereoscopic wallpaper you won't find anywhere else! In order to get the illusion to work, you need to de-focus your eyes similar to those "Magic Eye" brand books that were so popular in the 80s. As you de-focus your eyes the cubes will fuse together and actually look 3D. They will pop out of the page!

You'll see that some of the cubes will pop out more than others.

Pick a size, any size for your new wallpaper: 1152x864 | 1024x768 | 800x600

free optical illusion wallpaper

Two illusions in one! Here's the most amazing thing about this eye trick: Not only do the cubes look 3D, but they'll reverse in your mind like the classic Necker Cube. Basically, the perspective will change. In this example, first you might see that you are looking down onto the green base of the cube. But give your mind a few seconds and the image may switch, so that now you're looking up at the cube.

I've found that to further strengthen this optical illusion, creating several rows helps. This is because the additional rows help allow you to imagine that the blocks in the upper rows are above the lower ones. You might see one row of cubes from one perspective, and the second row from a different angle! This is the illusion that I currently have as the backround on my dual-monitor display. (I highly reccommend at least one LCD monitor if you don't already have one!)

Best of the Best (our newest original optical illusions)
Diamonds appear to be the same shade. But they're not!

Same Shade Diamonds

Wow! It will look like the diamonds on the top are much darker than the diamonds on the bottom.

Perfect and printable! This is a very strong optical illusion, and is even noticeable in the small image to the left. Doesn't it look like the top row is considerably darker than each successive row?

moving red spiral

Moving Red Spiral
Sometimes, while I'm just playing around in Photoshop, something appears, as if by magic. This illusion was one of those that just jumps off the page.

It's a large red spiral on a purple background that appears to jump and move. Works better for some people than others, but if you like the moving illusions, you'll love it! Although this small image might move a bit as you read these words, the larger versions are even better!

» Moving spiral image...

9/13/2011 - Floating Wood Blocks Video
Created these floating wooden blocks and attached them to a globe. Watch the video and see how the blocks follow the camera! Pretty amazing!

You can launch the video on this page, or go to the page that describes it a bit more View the video...

moving backgrounds

Moving Backgrounds

It moves! You must zoom in to get the full illusion. You'll see the rings rotate, even though they are not moving at all.

We've created several sizes so you can use as your desktop background.


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