Rabbit or Duck

Is it a rabbit or a duck? Or is it both?

Rabbit or Duck

artist picture of rabbit or duck

Tilt your head to the right, and you’ll see a duck. Then turn your head to the left and you’ll see a bunny rabbit. Because of the simplicity, I really admire the artist for capturing exactly what they needed to – and nothing more. Wouldn’t this make a good corporate logo for something like Rabbit Brand Duck Tape? As an artist, the next time you see something that might appear to be something that it isn’t, see if you can make your own optical illusion art and send it to us!

Rabbit or Duck #2

rabbit or duck optical illusion

Not the cutest duck in the world, but the illusion is strong anyway. The duck looks to the left and the rabbit looks to the right. Quite an eye trick if you look at it for awhile, you’ll see it switches back and forth in your mind. It is usually tough for people to perceive both at the same time. Try it, look at the rabbit and try to see the duck at the same time. Even though you know that the rabbit’s ears form the duck’s bill, our minds perceive it strictly as one way or the other.