Scary Optical Illusion

scary optical illusion - the devil

This is quite possibly the scariest optical illusion ever ! Do you see some women looking at themselves in a mirror… or is it the devil staring right out at you! Definitely a scary optical illusion right out of a haunted house or a horror movie! Boo!

A variation, if you’d like to learn something: With ambiguous art like this, where it could be more than one thing, here’s something to try: Stare at the picture, but squint your eyes… In this case, you’ll notice the scary face/figure pop out much more, since the facial features are much larger than the women’s small faces. As you squint, you’ll see their figures fade into the background, and you’ll see the scary devil face pop right out at you with his evil smile. If you squint for long enough, you’ll notice that it looks like he has a dark, black beard and dark, mean eyebrows pointing down.

This also works if you look at the picture from across the room. The farther away you get, the scarier and more frightening it becomes.

Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday, what about you? Here’s something you probably don’t care about…. When I was in 8th grade I wanted to grow up and be a mask maker artist. That’s right, create the scary, gory masks that people wear for Halloween.