Stair and Bar Eye Trick

trapezoid cube 3-d optical illusion

Here is another original optical illusion, found only at! On the left, you see stairs, with a rainbow pole stuck into the steps. ON the right, you see the same pole, but it has been stuck through what appear to be four blue bars. Take a close look in the middle and it’s tough to tell where the stairs end and where the bars begin.

The other part of this optical illusion is how the wall on the left looks like it just supports the stairs, but the wall on the right actually shows the bars going deeper into the wall. The top of the bars are closer to us than the bottom bars, or so it appears.

And if those two fun things aren’t enough, the final optical illusion is that the trapezoidal walls that we were talking about could also be inverted, and it could appear the the bars/stairs are just floating on top of a 3-d trapezoid. If you have trouble seeing this, imagine you are looking down on the 3-d trapezoid, with the white square as the top, and the purple sides and the gray bottom make up the rest of the cubical shape.