The Back of This Guys Head is a Skeleton or Skull Tattoo

Well, I guess it’s not a skeleton, because that would mean that his entire body was covered with a skeleton tattoo. So what we see here is a skull that appears to be wearing glasses and smoking a cigarette. Guys and gals, if this doesn’t get the message through your crazy head that smoking really does kill, then I don’t know what does.

Also, smoking apparently makes you dress like an idiot. This guy has a dumb-looking corduroy hat and an old torn up jacket. If you ever dress this bad, don’t spend your money on tattoo ink, spend it on some ink for a nice t-shirt.

Scary Skeleton or Skull on back of head.

P.S. If you have a hat that looks just like this guys hat, throw it away, please? And then get a sweet tattoo right on the top of your head, like this tattooed maniac! And if you’re the guy in this picture, wearing the same jacket, sorry if we insulted you! Hah!!