The Illusion Semi-Trucks

From the perfect angle, check out what cool semi trucks people have taken pictures of!

pringles tricky truck

Above, we see the Pringles Hot & Spicy chips, which have demolished the semi truck. Of course, this is a nice truck optical illusion, because it is designed as if it is real, yet the truck could certainly be full of anything! What a great advertising idea!

illusion of books on a truck

Here’s another one of the truck illusions. It looks like the side of the truck is open and there is a huge library of books, CDs, or DVDs on the side, as well as a cork board and some post-it notes! If you look close, I think you might realize that these have been Photoshopped up a bit, and they aren’t real. But can you imagine if they were real? Thanks to an anonymous visitor who submitted these illusion trucks. More to come!

Now, next time you decide you need to get your car painted, forget Maco! Just wrap the car in an optical illusion! These ideas could obviously be used for any business — especially if you’d like to get some word of mouth advertising!