The Love Test

Are you loved? I hope so. But you better try this test to find out. Just stare at the “You’re cool” in the middle for about a minute, and see if the hearts start to disappear. Perfect for Valentines day. Send this on to your honey, but only if you’re truly in love. Remember to stare for awhile, because the pink hearts won’t disappear if you don’t stare for awhile. Show your commitment and prove you’re in love! Take the love quiz!

hidden sleeping baby

Well, are you truly loved? This love test is the only way to find out! Now get out there and ask that girl or guy to be your valentine! Sure there are other love testers out there, but this one is certainly the best love test, isn’t it? It’s easy, and anyone can do it! Now go buy some flowers and be romantic before your love disappears! Trust us on the flowers, fellas! And ladies, yes… just tell your guy that for Valentines Day that “Yes, I would like a) Flowers b) Candy c) Romantic Dinner or d) all of the above.” Just tell the guy exactly what you want and you’ll most likely get it!

Did you pass the test? Great!
Here’s a fast fact for all you Cupids out there… Valentine’s Day is not actually the busiest day at restaurants. It’s actually… Mother’s Day! Hah! Although it might be good to plan on killing some time if you do go out to eat on that day this year. The wait times can be ridiculous! Better print out a few of our other optical illusions and pull them out of your pocket to pass the time! Happy Valentines Day Everyone!