The Sidewalk Chalk Trap- Optical Illusion Chalk Drawing

sidewalk optical illusion

This is one of my favorite pictures here. Wow. Send this one to your friends!

How would you like to be walking down the sidewalk and then suddenly fall into a hole like these guys? Take a little closer look at who has fallen into the hole. It’s tough to tell but it looks like George W. Bush and Cheney have fallen into the hole…. and is that Tony Blair looking into the camera? Regardless, this sidewalk optical illusion is just downright incredible!

UPDATE: Michael Jaynes, a loyal visitor to our site, said this about the people in the photo: “I am not sure about the second guy, but one of the people falling into the hole in the pavement/sidewalk in one of the chalk drawings is John Major = ex. PM before Blair, who is looking on…. i would imagine the other guy is meant to be Paddy Ashdown, although it doesn’t really look like him.”

Michael gets his sites listed here because he was the first one who told me we were featured on TV – on the BBC on Dec 2nd, 2004! and

And Julius Gwyer told us this: “That’s not Dick Cheney following down the hole, it’s John Major, the former British Prime Minister.”

Thanks Mike and Julius! Since we were recently featured on the BBC, it is good to know that you know who your leaders are! Bonus points for Michael adding the phrase “bloody hard work” to his email.

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The Cool Optical Illusions Team