Twisting and Turning Spiral

twisting and turning spiral

As your eyes relax and move around the different places on this magical spiral, you’ll see that it twists and turns in front of you. In addition, it appears to flash very quickly (other optical illusion web sites call this scintillating). Doesn’t it appear as if you are about to go into a hypnotic trance as you look into the eye that knows all? Another one of our favorite spiral optical illusions.

Another nice thing that this spiral optical illusion has is the illusion of depth. I know you see this at first glance, but WAIT, there’s something else cool going on that you don’t know about — The way the waves were constructed if you look at the left side of a wave it may appear to be up… but trace it with your finger or your eyes to the other side of the spiral and it will appear down (or the opposite of what it was on the other side? How does it do that? It has something to do with our brains thinking that when the ridges of the moving spiral are going up they are up, and when they point down, they are going down. Try it, if you can stare at a spot and actually tilt your head upside down, you’ll see that that exact spot will be come reversed.

No matter how you look at this illusion–it is completely mesmerizing!